Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Time, a Season for Reflection

The Holiday Season is here.  For most it is a joyous time.  For some it can mean a renewed feeling of lonliness and depression.  A melancholy feeling overwhelms many because they recall past Holidays with loved ones they have lost for one reason or another.  It is at this time that we should reflect on friendships and blessings.  Give thanks for what we have and push aside thoughts of what we don't have.  Today I received a sweet phone call from a friend with an invitation to join her family for the Thanksgiving Day meal and celebration.  Knowing that I am single, she thought that perhaps I was going to be alone.  This brought joy to my heart.  I thanked her for the thoughtful invitation once I informed her that one of my daughters had decided to hang back and be with mom instead of following the other siblings to their father's home. Two acts of unselfishness exemplifying the feeling of love and compassion in one's human heart.  My friends, tis the season for sharing.  Things shared with ones we love and care about come in many forms.  It can be simply stopping what you are doing to make a quick call to say you care.  You, too, may consider sharing your meal with someone who is alone.  Don't let the hustle and bustle of this busy materialistic world allow you to lose contact with friends, neighbors and loved ones.  Make that call, that donation, that visit.  Send that special greeting card disregarding the cost of postage.  Consider it a small gift with a large impact.  Thank God for the riches we possess in the form of love, compassion and generosity.  We can make a difference in someone's life.  We can perhaps save a life or repair a broken heart.  God Bless us all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My New Moon movie review

I have gotten very envolved in the Twilight series.  So envolved, in fact, that I will be saddened when I finish that fourth book.  Saturday night I was sitting very impatiently in my seat at the theater awaiting "New Moon" to begin.  Luckily I had gotten my ticket early for the feature I wanted to attend because all features were packed and sold out.  Getting to the theater early was a smart thing to do to assure a good seat.  A much anticipated great experience would have really been a  bummer if I would have had to sit in the first few rows as some who came in late had to do.  I wanted the full effect of a great view, a good sound system  and my popcorn in hand.  Completing the book that morning, I was all geared up for this movie.  I am really glad I read the book fully before seeing the movie.  I was aware of some things that time did not allow the movie to translate and I guess I had a little better understanding of some of the movie events.   The special effects in the movie were great.  The acting was outstanding.  No disappointment here.  In fact, this weekend I am going to see it again.  Sometimes when we watch a movie the second time we pick up on something we missed the first time around.  I don't want to miss a thing.  As a Twilight fan, I encourage you to go and see this movie.  When we think of vampires and werewolves we think horror, blood and guts.  This is not your typical vampire horror movie.  It is not like that at all.  The movie was well done and I don't believe it would gross out anyone.   Hope you enjoy the flick.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Be Creative and Use that Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey | eHow.com

How to Be Creative and Use that Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey eHow.com

"Turkey Day" is fast approaching and I am already thinking of ways to camouflage all the leftover turkey. I am too frugal to let it go to waste so I find ways to integrate it into other dishes. Check out this handy article. It may spark an idea in your head also.

New Moon - FilmoFilia Photo Gallery / Movie Photos / New Moon

New Moon - FilmoFilia Photo Gallery / Movie Photos / New Moon

OMG I am such a fan. Can't believe it is finally here. Sharing some photos. Will share Edward but not sharing Jacob. Sitting wishing I were a female wolf....LOL. Enjoy!!