Monday, December 14, 2009

Where is Christmas

I have taken the beautiful song below and broken it down to share my views on the meaning of the song. A few years ago I had a major change in my life. The first Christmas after my change, this song made me cry. This song has since taken on a new meaning. It has taught me a valuable lesson. My intention in writing my interpretation would be to help someone to enjoy the wonderful season.

                              "Where Are You Christmas"

                                                                      by: Faith Hill

Where are you Christmas

Why can't I find you

Why have you gone away

(Christmas never goes away. Christmas is there in our hearts.)

Where is the laughter

You used to bring me

Why can't I hear music play

(The laughter is there within your heart. It is within the hearts of those you love. Find it! Music, oh the joy of beautiful music. Silenced ears and a hardened heart can not detect it. Open up, listen closely and it will resound in you.)

My world is changing

I'm rearranging

Does that mean Christmas changes too?

(Our life changes. Over the years it changes often. We adjust to these changes and continue. We lose sight of happiness at times and get wrapped up in our self pity. We have to find happiness, make our happiness. The same holds true for Christmas!!)

Where are you Christmas

Do you remember

The one you used to know

(Christmas is there, it remembers. It is us who forgets. Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. The Savior who came into our world to save us. The Savior who desires for us to be happy. We can find the spirit of Christmas through Him who loves us unconditionally.)

I'm not the same one

See what the time's done

Is that why you have let me go

(No, we are not the same. Each year before Christmas arrives we have experienced some major changes in our lives. Christmas did not let you go,,,you may have let it go. Snap out of a depressed state. Set aside your wordly problems for the short while Christmas is here. Find Christmas and the Joy it brings.)

Christmas is here

Everywhere, oh

Christmas is here

If you care, oh


If there is love in your heart and your mind

You will feel like Christmas all the time

(Christmas is a state of mind. Happiness is a state of mind. Both are a condition of the heart. If we find both and hold on tight, we can have the joy both afford all year round.)

I feel you Christmas

I know I've found you

You never fade away

The joy of Christmas

Stays here inside us

(Christmas truly never fades away, it just tends to hide from us if we let it. Don't let Christmas escape you this year or any year. Your loved ones are counting on you to share their joy.)

Fills each and every heart with love

Where are you Christmas

Fill your heart with love

(Care and Love are both powerful words. They go hand in hand. If you have love you care,,,,,,,,,if you care, you have love. Now is the time for us to be unselfish. Let go of being self centered. FIND CHRISTMAS

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Traditions

This Christmas is just a little different from others. My daughter and her two girls have moved in with me while their home is being built. The situation is a little challenging since my home is small, but we are doing just fine. Each Christmas, we always take time to decorate the "gumdrop tree". This year my grand daughter, Abbe, helped me. She thought this was totally cool. I had a tough time finding the red and green gum drop treats. After three stores and no success, I decided to check out the really large specialty store, Albertsons. They have always come through when there was a certain something I was in need of. There they were, Brach's yummy green and red gum drops. A Christmas tradition is important. Making memories is well worth the hunt for the needed ingredient.
This year, we let the children wrap the family gifts.  They were eager to learn and actually worked together well to get the job done. The grandchildren even enjoyed making and baking yummy Christmas cookies.  Again, they worked well together.  Licking fingers is just part of the deal.  When all cookies were done, it was a fight to see who got to lick the bowl.  Plenty left in bowl on purpose, of course and plenty to share.  More memories captured in pictures.  Please don't forget to pull out your camera this Christmas.  Capture all of those precious Christmas memories as they happen.
We had a surprise this year.  Got about two inches of snow on the 4th of December.  My grandchildren were so excited.  The snow fell in late evening and was not promised to be around long the next morning, so a snowman had to be built in the dark.  They completed the dirty 6 ft. wonder at 9:00 p.m.  We labeled him the "Mardi Gras Dude".  The children started with small balls of snow way back in the yard and rolled to the front yard to get the size snowball they needed.  In their excitement they realized they had four big balls of grassy snow, thus a 6 ft. guy.  They constructed ramps of different heights to roll the huge balls of snow up to create their masterpiece.  Our frosty lasted from Friday night through Sunday.  The site looked a little strange when there was no snow on the ground and the temperature outside was in the mid 50s.  The morning after the snowfall, we got dressed for our annual family trip to Christmas shop.  Oh, what a joy it was to go shopping with the white stuff covering everything.  Pine and spruce trees along the drive were glorious with the snow on the boughs.   You have to understand that this is something we don't see or experience much.  When we do, it is so exciting.  Enjoy the pics.