Thursday, January 7, 2010

Being Overweight a Sign of the Times

Just sitting here this morning relaxing and reflecting.  I was just thinking about how every year I seem to make a New Year's resolution to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more.  Well, the lose weight part I sorta have in hand and know what I need to do to accomplish that. 

The eating healthier part is another story.  Being from Louisiana and being a full-fledged Cajun Gal, I don't have to tell you about our diet.  We just love us some of that rice and gravy.  We just gotta have some of dem cracklins and boudin, sha. Not to mention we chase them down with an ice cold beer. So, how does one eat healthy in this culture?  I guess the best thing to do is lock yourself in your house because no matter where you go or who invites you to what, you are facing this type of food.  Wedding receptions around here are seldom missed.  If you get an invitation to any reception or party you will go knowing the great food that will be there for you to indulge in.  Oh yes, I am talking the whole nine-yards from boudin, cracklins, dirty rice, fried chicken, sticky wings and potato salad to homemade pies, cakes and candies.   Don't forget the booze which is there by the keg.  I know you are probably thinking, "well just because it is there, no one is forcing you to consume anything."  Well, I am here to tell you or dare you to just try that.  Like I said earlier, just lock me in the house and don't let me anywhere near any of it.  That is the only way I can eat healthy. 

 On another note, I was pondering on the exercise thing.  That too is no pleasure and they say "no pain, no gain".  I was reminising about bygone days.  Our ancestors were exercising on a regular basis and were not even aware of it.  I can remember women walking around toting one or even two babies on their hip.  Ever did work with a baby on your hip?  There were no walkers, bouncy things or play pens.  Women did their own house work.  Remember when there was one vehicle per family?  When my mom or grandma needed groceries they walked to the grocery store and then carried the groceries back home.  I walked to Church and to religious classes.  We walked in groups.  Another memory was the fact that your laundry was hung out on the line to dry.  Once dry, you went back out again and removed them and carried them inside.  The ringer type washing machine was a trip also.  How about those wash boards?  Now we have all these push buttons, some have housekeepers, and all the things needed to occupy the babies and keep them corraled.  It is no wonder we are over weight.  We are spoiled. 

Gosh, sometimes I think it would be nice to skip back a few decades to the way it was.  We live in a fast paced society and often miss out on all the special times with our family and miss making sweet memories.  Slow down, take time, make time and make those memories.  Take the stairs if you are able.  Park up the parking lot and walk to the department store.   Driving round and round to find a close parking spot just makes you dizzy and frustrated.  Once inside the store, stay as long as time will allow.  You are in a well lighted and temperature controlled facility, take that walk.  Walk the mall. 

Just recall the old days when people walked where they had to go or rode a bike.  People got together to help their neighbor "raise that barn", butcher a hog, collect their crops, or build a house.  All of this was natural exercise.  America is getting lazy and Americans are getting unhealthy.  Enough of my wandering mind.  I think I need to get off my butt and mop my kitchen.  The dryer just buzzed, no I don't have clotheslines,,,,guilty!  Maybe I can stand to fold my clothes instead of sitting. Yes, that'll work.  Maybe I will make several trips to put the clothes away instead of loading my arms or putting in a basket.  Yes, that'll work too. 

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